Sarah and Lee's Story...

'Ethan Lee Schofield entered our World at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on Friday 8th March 2013 at 10.38pm, weighing 780 grams. I was 24 weeks + 5 days pregnant, Ethan was 15 weeks early. As soon as Ethan was born he was whisked away from us for emergency treatment to help him breath & to stabalise his condition. Six hours later we were able to see our son for the first time and he was beautiful. On Saturday morning Ethan was transferred to the Neonatal Unit at Preston Hospital for his care. The first couple of days were rocky and we even had an emergency Christening on the Sunday as we were told Ethan was struggling and may not last the night. However, from that Monday he turned a massive corner and reacted well to his medicine. We had a lovely two weeks with him though he had a couple of moments where he needed a little extra care. On Friday 22nd March he took a turn for the worse, he began to vomit faeces and after the doctors looked at him they realised his bowel had a perforation resulting in him needing surgery. That night our little man was transferred to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool with us in tow. At midnight he went in for his surgery and after an hour the surgeon came to inform us his operation was a success. Ethan was then transferred in the early hours of Saturday morning to the Woman's and Children's unit in Liverpool to recover. He seemed to make a good recovery but his heart and lungs began to fail and on Saturday 30th March Ethan passed away aged 3 weeks + 1 day. Our son was named 'Fiesty Ethan' by the nurses as he was full of attitude throughout his care. This lasting memory of his spirit has given us the strength to tell the story of our son, Ethan Lee.'

Please help us to raise £15,000 for our second project; to purchase a new Neonatal Ventilator for Blackpool Victoria Hospital. This machine is designed to mechanically move breathable air into and out of the lungs to aid babies who are unable to breathe or breathing insufficiently.This single piece of equipment will benefit not just a few babies but hundreds of babies that have to pass through this ward each and every year. Not only does this keep Ethan's spirit going but with us having to live each and every day in the Hospital it made us realise we were one of many sets of parents who had to fight this battle each day and we want to help future families having to go down this same journey

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Saturday 17th May 2014 - Charity Ball @ The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. £35.00 per ticket inc welcome drinks, 3 course meal, chocolates, coffee and Entertainment!

Sarah and Lee would like to thank the following people for their support with The Baby Ethan Appeal!

Tranquility beauty salon -6 Victoria Road West, Cleveleys, FY5 1BU
The Strawberry Gardens Pub, Poulton Road, Fleetwood FY7 6TF
The staff at Max Spielmann, Victoria Road, Cleveleys for the donation of the amazing canvas.
The Print Quarter in Chorley for the Ladies Night Posters, tickets and flyers.
Morrisons, Squires Gate Lane Blackpool for their raffle donation.
Fish Loves Chips, Victoria Road, Cleveleys
Tonys Traditional Fish & Chips, Whittingham Lane, Goosnargh, Nr Preston