10 reasons to be happy it's Boxing Day

  • 10 reasons to be happy it's Boxing Day

The excitement of Christmas is over, there's no more presents to open, no giant Christmas dinner and festive songs and decorations are suddenly looking out of date.

Don't despair! Boxing Day can be enjoyed too, here's why:

1. Second Christmas dinner anyone? Don’t let those leftovers go to waste. Hero Image

2.  It’s a day to chill out and start putting those Christmas presents to use.Hero Image

3. And it’s an excuse to stay in your new Christmas pyjamas all day.Hero Image

4. All the stress of buying presents and organising Christmas dinner is done for another year! Hero Image

5. It means you can officially start planning how you’ll celebrate the new year.Hero Image

6. Boxing day sales! Hero Image

7. Time to catch up with your favourite TV shows and films... Hero Image

8. Boxing Day - is one day when a messy house is allowed. Cleaning and tidying can wait.Hero Image

9. There’s no need to get up early on Boxing Day.Hero Image

10.  Boxing Day walks are relaxing and a great way to burn off some of that second Christmas dinner. Well, it might burn off a parsnip or two. 
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