10 reasons why we won't be making a New Year's resolution

10 reasons why we won't be making a New Year's resolution

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It’s the season for Christmas, celebrating and for most of us - committing to things we won’t stick to.

So here’s 10 reasons why New Year’s resolutions can wait until next year. Or the year after that...

1. We could give up chocolate or start exercising anytime of year, we’ve just chosen not to.Hero Image

2. We don’t want to become one of those people who shows off their healthy plans.Hero Image

3. If we decide to get fit now we'd just join the ‘resolutioners’ group at the gym – with people probably putting bets on how long we’ll keep it up.Hero Image

4. Other people’s resolutions remind us that even if we made one, we probably wouldn’t stick to it.Hero Image

5. And despite every good intention, most of us will have given up by July anyway - no matter how much we promised it to ourselves.Hero Image

6. Even by March we’ll probably have forgotten our resolutions. Hero Image

7. It’s too cold outside to not comfort eat in our pyjamas .Hero Image

8. Festive food and drink taste so good! Hero Image

9. Beginning a new year is stressful enough without having to give up the good things in life. Hero Image

10. As soon as you turn your back on December, you have to admit that 2016 is over and it’s back to work soon… and we’re just not ready for that yet.Hero Image

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