10 signs you have the January blues

10 signs you have the January blues

The festive season is over and it's time for real life to resume. Here are 10 classic signs you have the January blues as well as an amazing chance to cure them...

1. It’s so much harder to get out of bed.
All you want to do is roll back over. I hate you alarm clock! 

2. Your social life is now non-existent.
Where have all the humans gone?

3. The lack of Christmas decorations is depressing.
Was it always this empty?

4. You’re totally skint.
Is it pay day yet? 

5. You’re sick of your diet already.
Pass the takeaway menu! 

6. You hate being asked about Christmas.
It's too painful to remember it's over.

7. The weeks seem longer...
Has Monday to Friday always been five days?

8. You haven't quite got used to full days.
Is it home time yet?

9. The traffic is back.
Where have all these cars come from?

10. The weather seems even bleaker than before.
Is it summer yet?



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