10 things you'll only understand if you have post-Christmas blues

10 things you'll only understand if you have post-Christmas blues

If you’re a big Christmas lover you'll experience some, if not all of these Christmas blues when the big festive period is over. 

1. Taking down the tree should be put off as long as possible
Pass the tissues as you put the baubles away!


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2. You now have no excuse to eat chocolate
Bring on Easter!

3. You realise just how many gift sets you now have
And you now have to find a place for all that body lotion.


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4. There are no good films to watch 
It's just not the same watching Disney on a DVD.

5. Christmas songs are no longer acceptable
Christmas Hits 1995 goes back into storage.


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6. Christmas movies are gone
We only got to see The Santa Claus three times!


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7. Christmas jumpers are out of fashion
Back in the wardrobe it goes… Sob!

8. It’s no longer acceptable to eat our body weight in festive food
Quick, hide the scales!


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9. No more overexcited Secret Santa’s
It’s amazing what bargains you can get for a fiver!

10. Our Advent Calendars have ran out
How we going to survive without the miniature piece of chocolate every morning.


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11. We don’t get to see friends and family every day
Swapping presents, getting merry, eating the leftovers with loved ones – nope it’s all over!

12.  Back to work we go
Time to go and get through 2 weeks’ worth of emails.

Roll on next year's Christmas we say! 

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