WATCH: Kids tell us what they think of mobile phones from the 90s

WATCH: Kids tell us what they think of mobile phones from the 90s

Mobile phones, especially smartphones are commonplace now but to children the old handsets are puzzling.

To mark the 140th anniversary of the invention of the trusty phone, recently interviewed a number of young children and asked them to say what they thought of phones from yesteryear.

The children were presented with everything from two tins connected by string, to a vintage style phone with a separate earpiece and a Nokia N-Gage.  

When they were asked to put the phones order oldest to newest you might be surprised at the answers.

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember the excitement of getting a Nokia or Motorola for Christmas, but without a touchscreen or being able to use the internet, children today wouldn't even give them a second look.

Some children even thought the Nokia 3310 was invented in the 1920s when it was actually launched in 2000!

Nokia 3310
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The research also revealed that a massive 92% of children would prefer to play on a phone or tablet than participate in a traditional game and 51% of parents admit that their kids inform them about the latest gadgets and technology.

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