This optical illusion is baffling everyone

This optical illusion is baffling everyone

© Imgur/Mrhandsy

Every now and then an opticial illusion appears to baffle everyone and this girl is the latest to do just that.

An old photo of a girl knealing down is making the rounds because it looks like she has three legs!  Yes you read that right.

Despite the original post on Imgur a few years ago only receiving just over 2,000 views a repost by Imgur user, AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby has attracted 253,000 views on the image-sharing website, in just a couple of days.


At first glance the girl looks like she has three legs, but on closer inspection you'll see what looks like her right leg is actually a brown vase.

The image certainly confused a number of people of imgur including DeathByUngaBunga who said, 'After several very confusing minutes i still dont know what is happening here'
and NaveedSulemani who simply said,
'mind.. Blown..'

Did it catch you out?

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