EXCLUSIVE: 23,000 people fined for using the new Fishergate bus lane in Preston

EXCLUSIVE: 23,000 people fined for using the new Fishergate bus lane in Preston

We can exclusively reveal - 23,000 people have been fined - for using the new bus lanes on Fishergate in Preston.

Lancashire County Council launched the controversial scheme in October - and since then they've already raked in half a million pounds worth of fines.

The authority say 15,000 people so far have paid the fine and that money will all go back into road safety projects.

Each penalty is worth £60, but drivers only have to pay £30 if they stump up the money within two weeks.

The bus lane was introduced as a traffic easing measure ahead of Christmas and today the council have confirmed that it will stay in place for the forseeable future.

WATCH: Here's County Councillor John Fillis, Cabinet member for highways and transport:


John Fillis added "It's clear that the changes we introduced had a big effect in reducing traffic levels on Fishergate in the run-up to Christmas.

"Correspondence with local stakeholders suggests that there is a growing consensus that the measures worked. Given that the original plan was to trial the bus lane for up to 18 months, I've decided that the bus lane should stay at least until we are able to assess how the changes work at different times of year.

"We normally carry out a formal review of trial orders at the end of the six-month consultation period, which will be in April. Between now and then we will carefully consider the feedback we received from businesses and the public.

"Once we've looked carefully at the positives and negatives that have come from these changes, we'll consider the next steps.

"The cameras are still in operation, so people will receive a PCN if they use these bus lanes when they shouldn’t.

"As we've said previously, we definitely don't want to issue any £60 Penalty Charge Notices, but it's an important way for us to enforce these changes. The aim is to help to reduce traffic build-up that has affected parts of the city centre at the busiest times."

The changes to traffic management between Mount Street and Corporation Street have been introduced on a trial basis.

The new bus lane at the Butler Street junction with Fishergate is a permanent change. There are no plans to remove it.

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